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 'Menino, quem foi seu mestre?' ~ 'Young boy, who was your master?'


We welcome everyone to our classes that cater for complete beginners to more experienced students.


Grupo de Capoeira Angola Menino Quem Foi Seu Mestre (MQFSM) was created by Mestre Roberval from Salvador in Bahia, Brazil. MQFSM UK has groups in Brighton and Cornwall run by Boneco and Brisa of the Amazonas family. We teach capoeira angola movement and music under the guidance of Mestre Roberval. His teaching of capoeira seeks to preserve the practice, ritual and philosophy of capoeira from Bahia. 


About us



Brisa and Rilene came to London in the early 1990s and founded one of the first capoeira groups in the UK, the independent group, Amazonas Capoeira. They were joined subsequently by their brother, Boneco and sister, Paulinha. Another brother, Zangado, is a capoeira contemporanea mestre living in Marseilles, France.

In 2005 the group met Mestre Roberval who transformed their vision of capoeira and in 2011 they, together with his students in Sweden formed MQFSM. The MQFSM UK 'Amazonas family' is well known in the capoeira community in the UK, Europe and Brazil as a friendly, welcoming and energetic capoeira school. It is one of very few groups to be run by women and works closely with other UK-based groups.


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Music in Capoeira Angola


Music is an essential element of Capoeira Angola and is practised in all our classes. We also run dedicated sessions for capoeiristas of all levels who want to develop their musicality, working on singing and playing the capoeira instruments: berimbau, pandeiro (tambourine) and atabaque (conga-style drum). Small group and one-one teaching available!


MQFSM UK Open Rodas


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